Announcing the arrival of
Shelby Madison!!


Shelby was born at 12:41pm, February 28, 2003.  She weighed 6lbs 2oz and was 18 1/4 inches long. 

February 27, 2003

7:30am  Mommy woke up just knowing "today is the day".  She took a shower and shaved good.  Then she even painted her finger and toe nails!  She did her hair pretty and put on some water-proof make-up.

10:30am  When Mommy went to the potty, she lost her mucus plug!  Even though this means squat to most women, Mommy knew it was a sign that things were about to get going.

12:00pm  Mild contractions started.  They were constant though.  She tried dancing the "Shaky Shaky" song with the Wiggles and got some BIG contractions.

2:30pm  Contractions were getting stronger.  Mommy kept telling Daddy that today was the day.  Daddy just ignored her and said he was going to leave to go work on the car.  Mommy got really mad.  So, Daddy decided to go work on the car in our garage.  Mommy continued to do last minute stuff around the house.

4:00pm  Mommy went for a walk to get the contractions bigger.  It worked.  Daddy was still working on the car and actually had it taken apart enough where it wouldn't run.  Mommy started IMing people asking what they would do...and if it was "time".

6:00pm  Mommy started hurting pretty bad.  She called a few people to ask what she should do.  Everyone including the hospital nurses said, "Well, if it is time, you would know."  Mommy told her mom to come over so she could go get checked out at the hospital.  Mommy was getting pretty grouchy from the pain.

7:30pm  After waiting an extra hour on a grease covered Daddy to get cleaned up enough to go to the hospital, they finally left.

8:30pm   Well, Mommy was ofically having contractions every 2-3 minutes and was at 4cm.  They admitted her to the hospital!

February 28, 2003

1:00am  Mommy's contractions stopped.  Just totally stopped.  *sigh* 

8:00am  MidWife Sherry came in and had the hook to break Mommy's water.  When she reached in there to check, POP the water broke.  It actually exploded out like a gyser and soaked poor Sherry's sweater!  Mommy was at 5cm and they started Pitocin.

9:30am  The Pitocin was working and Mommy was starting to hurt pretty bad.  She asked for her epidural but was told she had to have 2 IV bags in her before she could have it!  ACK!

10:30am  Mommy was very grouchy, in a LOT of pain and was at 7cm.  Mommy and Daddy called family and told them to hurry to the hospital.  Finally Mommy got her epi.  The dr was super nice and the epi helped almost immediately!

11:00am  Family came to visit Mommy and Daddy in their room.  Mommy was feeling pretty good.  Epidurals that actually work are AWESOME she says!!  Sherry checked and Mommy was 8-9cm!  She left and said, "When I come back, we'll have us a baby!"

12:00pm  Sherry came in wearing scrubs (instead of her fancy sweater and jeans).  She checked Mommy and said she was "ready".  All of the sudden Mommy had some HECKA pressure down there.  Everyone started scurrying around getting everything ready.  I heard Daddy say, "Wow!  She has a LOT more hair than Mallory!"  Sherry had Mommy hold her own legs up (not in the stirrups) and push when she felt like she needed to.  (This was SO much better than having to hold her breath for 10 seconds and push/not push when they say).  Mommy only had to push a good 5-6 times and walla, I was out!

12:41pm    The first thing I heard Mommy say was, "Oh!!  She's so tiny!!"  Sherry waited until my cord stopped pulsing before she let Daddy cut it.  (Mommy was VERY happy about that.)  Then I got cleaned up and measured.  I was only 3 days early, yet weighed a meager 6lbs 2oz and was 18 1/4" long.


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